General Information About Driving licience

General Information about Driving License
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Necessity of Driving License
Types of Driving License

• Learner License
• Permanent Driving License
• Renewal of Driving License
• Duplicate Driving License
• International Driving License
• Other State Driving License
Necessity of Driving License
No person shall drive a motor vehicle in any public place unless he holds an effective Driving license issued to him authorizing him to drive vehicle of that particular category.

Types of Driving License

Learner License
This is a temporary license valid up to 6 month only It is issued to learn driving of Motor Vehicles.
Permanent License
One becomes eligible for permanent license thirty days from the date of issuing the learner license.

Learner License
Question: Where do I have to approach for Driving License?
Answer: You have to go to Sub-Divisional Officer(Civil) office who is also the Motor Licensing Authority of your area for non-commercial vehicles and to the office of District. Transport Officer, Sector-7 for commercial. For address detail of SDO(C) offices please see the Administration/SDO page of this website.
Question: What are the office timings of SDO(C)/DTO Office?
Answer: For public dealings 9.00 AM to 1.00 PM
General Office timings 9.00 AM to 5.00 PM
Question: What is the eligibility for obtaining a learner’s license?
Answer: Age eligibility: 18 years
For vehicles up to 50CC engine capacity & without gear -- 16 years
(Provided parents/guardian consent obtained.)
For commercial vehicle- 20 years
Conversant with Traffic rules & regulations.

Question: What are the documents which are required for learner license?
Answer: The documents required along with the learner application form are as follows:
Residence proof – attested (attested by a Gazzetted Officer) copy of any of the following:
1. Ration card
2. Electricity/ Telephone Bill/ House Tax receipts
3. Life Insurance Policy
4. Pass Port
5. Voter Identity card
6. Pay slip issued by any office in the Central/State or a local body
7. He consent from parents in blood relation can be treated as residence proof, if parents enclose their residence proof.
8. Other authentic proof acceptable by M.L.O.

Age Proof- attested copies of any of the following:
1. School certificate
2. Pass port
3. Birth Certificate
4. Certificate from Central/State Govt. or a local body
5. Identity card/voter list
6. PAN of Income Tax card
7. Other authentic proof acceptable by M.L.O.
8. Remember to bring the originals of the documents whose attested copies are enclosed.
Question: What is the prescribed Fee for learner license?
Sl.No. Purpose Amount in Rs.
01 In respect of issue of learner's license of each class of vehicle in Form 3 30.00
02 In respect of issue of a driving license in Form 6 40.00
2A In respect of issue of International Driving License 500.00
3 In respect of issue of driving license in Form 7 200.00 ( including the cost of the computerized chip)
4 For test of competence to drive 50.00
5 In respect of addition of another class of vehicle to driving license in Form 6 30.00
6 In respect of renewal of driving license in Form 6 50.00
7 In respect of renewal of a driving license in Form 6 to drive a motor vehicle for which application is made after the grace period 100.00 Additional fee at the rate of 50/- for a period of delay of one year or part thereof reckoned from the date of expiry of the grace period.
8 In respect of addition of another class of motor vehicle to the driving license in Form 7 and renewal of driving license in Form 7 200.00 (including the cost of the computerized chip)
9 In respect of issue and renewal of license to a school or establishment for imparting instructions in driving 2500.00
10 In respect of issue of duplicate license to the school or establishment imparting instruction in driving 2500.00
11 In respect of an appeal against the orders of licensing authority referred to in Rule 30. 10.00

Rs.50/- for one category.
Rs.80/- for two categories.
Rs.110/- for three categories.
This fee includes all kind of fee payable for licenses excluding photograph card, which is to be paid at the time of permanent driving licence.

Question: What is the criteria/procedure adopted to issue Learner License?
Answer: After verification of your documents you will have to go through a learner test. Before learner test, color blindness inspection is carried out. The learner test is conducted for a period of 20 minutes and it has 20 multiple objective type questions. The minimum marks to qualify are 16. The learning license is issued to the applicant who has passed this test. A handbook is provided to go through and learn before about the contents of learner’s test like Road signs, Traffic rules & regulations with the learners license application form.
Question: What is the expected time for learner license issuance?
Answer: The learner license is issued to the applicant who has passed the learner examination. It is issued on the same date after 2-3 hours of completion of examination or after evaluation of the answer sheet. If the applicant does not qualify the learner test, he is given another chance after one-week time.
Question: How does this online test look like?
Answer: you can give a demo test here in the following link for your LL.

Permanent License
Question: Who are eligible for permanent license?
Answer: You should have a valid learner license.
You should apply after 30 days and within 180 days from the date of issuance of learner licence.You should be conversant about the vehicle systems, driving, traffic rules & regulations.
Question: Where to approach?
Answer: Approach the office of Sub Divisional Officer (Civil) of your area for non-commercial vehicles and DTO office for commercial vehicles.
Question: Which documents are required?
Answer: Please carry the following:
1. Your valid original learner`s license.
2. Application in Form No.4
3. Proof of age
4. Proof of residence (as attested photocopy as well)
5. One recent passport size photograph
6. Form No.5 in case of commercial license.
7. The vehicles for which category you are applying the license.
8. Your original license in case of endorsements of categories.
9. Remember to bring your original documents along with the above.
Question: What is the criteria/procedure for issuing a permanent license?
Answer: After scrutiny of your documents you will be put through the driving test. For driving test you have to bring your vehicle with you. You will be tested for your driving skills, familiarization with the vehicle, traffic rules & regulations. You can be asked about the vehicle system and safety.

Renewal of Driving License
The driving license is required to be renewed after expiry of its validity. You have to approach to your local Motor Licensing Authority Office during public dealing hours for the same.
Question: How long is the driving license valid?
Answer: Your license is valid for 20 years from the date of issue or till you turn 50 years of age, whichever happens earlier. However, if your license is for a commercial, passenger or goods vehicle it must be renewed after every three years.
Question: Do I require a medical certificate at the time of renewal?
Answer: You require medical certificate if :
1. If you are above 50 years.
2. If you have commercial license.
3. Documents required for renewal of Driving License
For Private License:
* Application in Form No.9.
* 2 copies of your recent passport size photograph.
* Driving license held.
* Proof of age and residence.
* Medical form No.1 A only if age more than 50 years.
For Commercial License:
* The above documents as used in Private License
* Medical form No.1 A in all cases.
* Driver refreshing Training certificate in case of HMV.

* In case of Private license the record is not verified if the particulars seem to be clear on the license. However for commercial license the particulars are verified from the issuing authority. The renewal of license in case of private license is done on the same day but for commercial license the renewal is made after verification of the particulars.

Duplicate License
Duplicate License is issued in case of loss, theft, or on mutilation
I recommend that you keep the photocopy of your license safe, particulars of license noted with you so that you may not face trouble in case of loss/theft. It would be easier to locate your license particulars from the record. If you cannot provide the particulars it is advisable to go ahead for fresh license instead of duplicate of license.
Question: What is the procedure to get a duplicate license?
Answer: You will require:
* Application in Form LLD.
* FIR of the lost license
* Challan clearance report from RTA Office (in case of Commercial licence renewal).
For duplicate license you have to approach the issuing authority and the particulars will be verified from their records. The validity of duplicate license will be the same of your previous license. The original issuing authority will issue your duplicate license.
If your license is lost and expired by more than 6 months your case requires permission from Head Quarter of Transport Department.

International Driving License
International driving permits are also issued by the Motor Licensing Authority/ Sub Divisional Officer(Civil). The validity of this permit is for one year. You are required to get your license from the country you’re visiting within one year period. Following documents are to be produced at the time of applying for a International driving permit:-
Valid driving license issued, which is minimum for 1 year old.
* Attested copy of address proof.
* Attested copy of Birth certificate
* Valid passport
* Valid Visa
* Two passport size photographs.
The International driving permit is issued from 9.00 AM to 1.00 PM from office of SDO(C).
Other State Driving License
The procedure and documents are same as renewal of driving license except record confirmations may be asked from issuing authority of that state. You have to apply to your local zonal office for the same.

Regional Transport Officers
Name of the District Station (Designation) Name of officer STD Code Office Residence Fax Cell E-Mail ID
Srikakulam Srikakulam (RTO) Sri G.Krishnaiah 958942 240024 - 240024 9848528342
Vizianagaram Vizianagaram K.Samabasiva Rao 958922 273366 - 273366 9848528311
Visakhapatnam Visakhapatnam (RTO) Sri N.Verriah Naidu 95891 2559777 - 2556777 9848528342
Visakhapatnam Visakhapatnam
(RTO-2) N.Balayogeswara Rao 95891 - 9848528326
Visakhapatnam Anakapalli (RTO) Smt. Ch.Sridevi 958924 222496 - 222496 9948661752
East Godavari Rajahmundry (RTO) P.Krishna Mohan Rao 95883 2442211 9848528320
East Godavari Kakinada (RTO) P.Rama Sarma 95884 2376183 9848699056
East Godavari Amalapuram (RTO) Md.Saleem - 9948528336
West Godavari Eluru (RTO) J.Pyari Bee 958812 230208
West Godavari Bhimavaram (RTO) R.Nageswara Rao 958816 222272 9848528345
Krishna Vijayawada (RTO-1) N.Poorna Chandra Rao 95866 2480022 2480347 9848528366
Krishna Vijayawada (RTO-2) J.Raja Rao 95866 2480022 2576190 9848528665
Krishna Vijayawada (RTO-3) --- 95866 2480022
Krishna Gudivada (RTO) Ch.Shivalingaiah 958674 242215 9948661732
Krishna Nandigama (RTO) N.Ananda Raju 9848528389
Guntur Guntur (RTO) M.Prabhuraj Kumar 95863 2355194 2236952 9848528494
Guntur Narasaraopeta (RTO) Sri A. Narasimha Reddy 958647 222824 9848528357
Prakasam Ongole (RTO) Sri. P.Nooka Raju 958592 233114 9848171110
Nellore Nellore (RTO) Sri K.Ramprasad 95861 2327665 2347667 9848528382
Chittoor Chittoor (RTO) S.Satyanarayana Murthy 958572 234608 9848528329
Chittoor Tirupathi (RTO) Sri N.Sivarama Prasad 95877 2248613 2232649 9848528385
Kurnool Kurnool (RTO) P.T.Mallinathudu 958518 270196 9849282915
Kurnool Nandyal (RTO) E.Meera Prasad 958514 243083 9948661748
Anantapur Hindupur (RTO) Brahmananda Reddy 958556 221445 224777 9848171164
Kadapa Proddutur (RTO) Sri C.Anantha Ram singh 958562 254303
Warangal Warangal (RTO) K.Manik Rao 95870 2577972 9848528451
Khammam Khammam(RTO) G.Chandan Kumar 958742 254534 224113 9848528568
Karimnagar Karimnagar (RTO) Sri Raja Ratnam 95878 2240373 2257872 9948661742
Adilabad Mancherial (RTO) C. Srinivas 958736 254133 9848308509
Nizamabad Nizamabad (RTO) Sri C.Bickshapathi 958462 245593 9848184076
Mahaboobnagar Mahaboobnagar (RTO) Sri M.Chandrasekhar Goud 958542 275875 9948661750
Medak Siddipet (RTO) Sri V.Sunder 958457 222531 9948661736
Nalgonda Nalgonda (RTO) A.Laxmaiah 958682 248346 9848528508
Ranga Reddy Ranga Reddy (RTO) P Indrasena Reddy 9540 24019355 - 9848538423
Ranga Reddy Uppal,R.R. East (RTO) G.Anantha Reddy 9540 27205599 23223244 9848308448
Ranga Reddy Ibrahimpatnam Kum. Swapna Devireddy 9948661746
Ranga Reddy Medchal N.M.K.Naidu 9666673566
Hyderabad Hyderabad (C) RTO-1 Murali Manohara Swamy 9540 23312895 27050134 9848992516
Hyderabad Hyderabad (C) RTO-2 T.L.Manik Prabhu 9540 23311269 9948989874
Hyderabad Hyderabad,M'pet(RTO) D.R.M. Selva Raj 9540 24548999 23223244 9848128899
Hyderabad Hyd, M'patnam (RTO) Sri Y.Satyanarayana Rao 9540 23525253 24044994 9848046786
Hyderabad Hyd,Bahadurpur (RTO) Y.Satyanarayana (I/C) 9540 24462727 9848046786
Hyderabad Secunderabad (RTO) P Sreeramulu 9540 27742568 9848528435

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